Changsari Kamrup,Assam

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College Rules and Regulations

   The College lays great emphasis on discipline and character building of the students.They are always experted to maintain discipline. They must abide by the rules and regulations of the college and the Hostel.
   A student if found guilty of misconduct/indiscipline may be expelled/rusticated for a period/final/debarred from appearing in any examination for one or more years (on the advice of the Disciplinary Committee).
   All forms of ragging in the Hostel and College campus are strictly prohibited.Disciplinary action will be taken against those students who individuallly or collectively get engaged in acts of indiscipline or misbehaviour inside the college campus.
   Students must not loiter in pre corridors in front of the class rooms and office rooms.During their off period students should work quietly in the library or reading room or spend the time without causing any disturbance.
   Students are expected to participate in different recreational and co-curricular activities besides the classes.Academic,along with other recreational activities provide new dimensions their participants in those fields besides the academic one.
   Students must not indulge in any unfair means in the examination hall.
   They should maintain proper dress code and discard will partices like taking alcohol,tobacco,marijuana etc inside the college Campus.Violation of such ethics by any one may invite penalty and even termination of enrollment from the college.
   Use of mobile phone inside the college is not allowed.One who brings the same shuold keep it in silenced mode so that he or she might respond to nthe urgent calss outside the college campus late on.The college Authority might confiscate mobiles of those who do not obey this instruction and the same would not be returned to the owners.
   Damage of any property of the college,quarrel and misbehave towards fellow students,teachers and office staff may invite penalty and termination of enrollment from the college.
   Decision of the college authority is final in these regards.

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